Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hyflux: Signed MOU with Grupo Finacieor Interacciones (Mexico’s leading infrastructure bank) to jointly carry out exploration, structuring, pursuit and/ or installation of water and other projects and developments in Mexico. Under the MOU, HIPL and Interacciones will cooperate and work with each other on a sole and exclusive basis to explore early stage and pre-specified greenfield water-related and infrastructure projects in Mexico. Banco highlights "alliance represents a market potential of advising, constructing and operating no less than 3 projects this year, and no less than 200 projects in the next 5 years". Projects could range US$10-150m in value. HYF noted Conagua, Mexico's nationtal water commission, has committed to spend US$4.0bn on water infrastructure over 5 yrs.

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