Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yoma, Interra, Sin Heng, Super, Ezion, Swiber, Viz Brand

Myanmar / (Yoma, Interra, Sin Heng, Super, Ezion, Swiber, Viz Brand): EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced that the bloc would like to lift sanctions aganist Myanmar. Note that in Jan, EU lifted visa bans on the Govt of Myanmar. At the end of this mth, EU will likely do more.

Add that the EU would enter into an active collaboration with Myanmar, to assist the reform process and to contribute to economic, political and social development. Separately, US has also eased certain financial restrictions on Myanmar to allow non-governmental groups to operate in the country as it undertakes democratic reforms.

Note also that YOMA is holding a conference on 27 Apr'12. Keynote speakers include SG ex-Foreign Minister George Yeo and SpringSingapore Chairman Philip Yeo, we do not rule out a continued play up in the Myanmmar exposed stocks.

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