Monday, March 21, 2016

Insider trades

Insider trades: Asia Insider notes that director buying fell a second straight week while director selling remained low a seventh week for the week ending 18 Mar.

Insider buying: 13 companies saw 30 purchases worth $0.91m, vs. 18 companies, 29 firms, worth $6.39m the previous week.

Insider sales: A firm saw two disposals worth $130,000, vs. nil sales the week prior.

Buybacks: 24 companies saw 64 repurchases worth $21.7m, vs. 20 companies, 63 transactions worth 14.7m the previous week.

Notable transactions:
SIA Engineering: Picked up where it left off in Jan, buying 291,000 shares from 22 Feb to 14 Mar at an average of $3.52. The trades accounted for 6% of the stock’s trading volume.

SMM: Resumed buying back at higher than acquisitions price since Jan with 800,000 shares purchased from 15-18 Mar at an average of $1.71 each. The trades made up 6% of the stock’s trading volume, and were made on the back of a 30% rebound in share price since the second half of Jan.

Straco: Resumed buying back at lower than acquisition prices last year, with 260,000 purchased from 17-18 Mar at an average of $0.744 each. The trades were done on the back of a 15% drop in share price since Feb.

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