Thursday, October 30, 2014


Europtronic: received requisition from 10 shareholders dated 28 October for EGM for vote of no confidence and removal of Executive Directors, to be replaced by four named individuals. In the requisition, reference was made to an earlier letter dated 13 October by 7 shareholders demanding clarification on the state of affairs of the company and the lack of direction thereof by 21 October, specifically: ( i) action plan on watchlist status ( ii) action plan on persistent losses and debt ( iii) updates or closures on Suzhou land sale deal ( iv) business directives and new initiatives given lack of viability of current business Europtronic had not responded to the earlier letter. In response to the requisition, Europtronic invalidates it and said queries will be addressed in the upcoming quarterly announcement, to be made on or before 14 November.

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