Friday, October 21, 2011


Synear: has become embroiled in China's latest food safety scare after some of its products were found to be contaminated with staph bacteria.
This pathogen can cause serious infections such as pneumonia, colon infection and the deadly sepsis, which causes the immune system to attack the body's own organs and tissues.
All affected products - 350 packs of savoury dumplings - were recalled and destroyed in Jul. However, news emerged about the incident only this wk after China's list of 18 food products that had failed safety inspections was made public - which included a batch of Synear's savoury dumplings produced in Jun.
Concerns over the food safety scare sent jittery investors dumping shares of the Zhengzhou-based company here yday, sending the stock diving 7.9% to 12.8 cts.

Business Times understands that Synear has since conducted an internal investigation, including its logistics and distribution processes, and reviewed its internal quality control standards. None of its other products were affected by the recall. Historically, savoury dumpling products have accounted for ~ 40% of group revenue.

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