Tuesday, March 15, 2011


ThinkEnv: 70% owned Mornington Offshore will acq another license known as the Kekoro License through an agreement with African Resource and Investment SARL (ARI). The license is owned by ARI which will be transferred to a JV owned 80% by Mornington and 20% by ARI. Further details to be made once JV is formed. The new co will undertake exploration and mining of gold under the Kekoro License which is currently being mined by est 1000 artisanal miners (villagers)…

ARI owns agreements with local communities including heads of 19 local villages which will be transferred to the new co. ThinkEnv intends to implement a fair-trade and environmentally responsible model in this site. The Kekoro site is 27km from Morilla Gold Mine the largest gold mine in Mali.

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