Thursday, December 16, 2010


Amtek: 1Q results with rev at US$166.4m, +11%yoy and net profit of US$12.5m, +108%yoy. General yoy increase in most rev segments except an 8% decline in the Mass Storage segment due to weaker demand. Electrical and Electronics grew the most by 57%increase due to a customer transferring production from Europe to Asia...

June FY10 results were US$638.0m and US$21.7m. Results fairly positive, rev making up 26% and net profit 57.6% of prev full yr results. Amtek’s rev is made up of 7 segments, with 6 contributing more than 10% each. EPS at 2.3c, on an annualized basis, P/E will trade at abt 11.7x.

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